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Cacao beans, the all-natural raw material of chocolate, have a peculiar chocolate-like aroma that reflects the distinct flavors of the region of origin, variety of cacao grown, environmental conditions, and the drying and fermentation process during post-harvest. During the chocolate making process, a chemical reaction changes the aroma and brings out the rich chocolate flavors that are unique to the region of origin.

Colombian cacao is comprised of native regional varietals and non-native cacao introduced from neighboring countries. The base of the particular aroma of Colombian cocoa is achieved through a blend of these varietals, all grown in lush natural conditions. Cacao de Colombia identifies and characterizes each aroma instinctively and visually, relying on years of global experience. When you taste Colombian chocolate made from cacao beans from different regions, you can feel the explosion of aromas and flavors in your mouth.

Cacao de Colombia invites you to discover our varietals using our unique color key system consisting of 8 colors representing aromas that complement each main aroma.